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ABOUT .....

I am a director of photography who does commercial, narrative and doc work.

A short film I did for Sean Kennedy won a Primetime Emmy in 2014.  A commercial I shot won the Grande Prix at Cannes 2014 and another won the Palme d'Or in 2016 for director John X. Carey.

I try to bring honesty and an emotional connection to the people I film.   

For me, camera movement and composition is just as important as lighting.  How a frame moves into the next frame. To try to make the camera movement a part of the emotional connection of the talent in the films.  So are lenses and color in creating mood. 

I can understand the needs of the director since I make my own films as well.  I understand their dedication to their ideas and their drive, that I work to augment.  And if you are a producer reading this, I completely understand your needs as well and think you are wonderful.

I take on every project with as much energy as humanly possible.  Cinematography is my passion, along with writing and making films about social change and playing nintendo and the upright bass. I'm in the local 600 union.

I'm a local to New York but travel frequently.

I work on all projects, big and small.

Hope I can lense your next film project!

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For Commercial Bookings please contact:

Pattie Sueoka @ Gersh / 310.205.5818


For everything else, please contact:



I work on all projects, big and small.

And drop me an email about anything.

GEAR I OWN .....


Arri Alexa Mini c/o Really Nice Friends Adam and Jason

Sony F65

Ursa Mini 4.6k Pro x 2 + A7S ii + RX100 iv

Zeiss Standard Speeds - 20, 28, 40, 85, 100.  Red zoom 18-50, 50-150, Leica R, Canon FD - too many lenses!

Filters galore / matte box

focus1 wireless follow focus

Steadicam Zephyr

Wireless Monitors - Teradeks 600

Lighting + Grip - litemats 2ls, astra lights, hmis 


Dana Dolly + Edna Dolly

Maxabeam flashlight