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The Jewel Thief. DP SELECTS | Hulu Original Documentary. | |  dir. Landon Van Soest | production company: Transient Pictures / Submarine

Hulu show shot for Landon Van Soest.  Number one movie on Hulu. Sweet. Really fun hanging out with a criminal mastermind.  He's probably one of the top 3 smartest people I've met in life, and I have worked on interviews with theoretical physicists.


Lots of people went into making this.  I just cribbed this from IMDB. 


Directed by  Landon Van Soest /

Produced by  Jessamyn Ansary

co-producer Ben Braun / 

producer Dan Braun +Josh Braun + Rick Brookwell

executive producer Helen Butcher

Drone photograph Vancouver: Mark Miller

Gaffer Winnipeg: João Luiz Holowka 

story producer Trevor Martin

co-executive producer Andrew Murray

co-producer.  Alessandra Pasquino

line producer. Viktor Perdula

service producer austria.  Ben Schwartz

executive producer.  Landon Van Soest

Music by  Brad Oberhofer

Principle Cinematography by  Ed David

2nd unit: Matthew Steven Wilder

Second Unit Director Juliette Marquis

re-recording mixer Gabe Oas

sound mixer Anthony Vanchure

Visual Effects by  Wojciech Betlej

motion graphics art director Mason DeCecchis

motion designer Julie Henninger

visual effects artist Tracy K. Hindman

motion graphics project manager. Aaron Lenius

motion designer Michael Neave

motion graphics producer Brian Rouse

motion graphics art director. Matt Schultz

additional cinematography: dramatic recreations Justin Quach

Colorist Andrew Murray

music supervisor D.W. Olivas

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