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Remote Dp'ing for an Ebay Seller Stories Doc Series

Since the beginning of 2021, I have been remote DP'ing a series for ebay called "Ebay Seller Stories." Director is Landon Van Soest. Production company is Transient Pictures. Current producer is Jessamyn Ansary!

We shot on nearly every camera available and every lens set available: The Arri Alexa Mini, Amira, Red Monstro, Red Komodo, Blackmagic Pocket 6k, Sony FX7, FX6, FX9, Canon C200, C300 ii, C100.

And with every lens imaginable: Zeiss ZF, ZE, Super Speeds, Standard Speeds, Voxia. And with every light source ever made.

And it's been a fun challenge - a small crew of just a remote DP and their assistant and me, Landon and our producer on the other end.

Doing so we relied on lensrentals to get the DP what they needed. Based on their camera we would go out SDI or HDMI into a teradek and from there wirelessly into an atomos HDMI to USB caputure card so we could watch the feed out of the camera via zoom.

We also did the intertron setup for interviews by having a portable ipad teleprompter beem in Landon's face onto the center of the lens.

At the end of the day, the imagery is pleasently consistent. The goal is poppy colors, and nice cinematic ratios on the lighting.

Here's some of the spots:

This was shot on the Arri Amira with Zeiss standard speeds by me! Ha, sorry, I did some of the remote shoots too on my own! But of course I need to go first :)

Victor was remote DP'ed by David Allen on the Arri Mini with Zeiss Super Speeds

Yinka was remote DP'ed by Peter Quandt on the Arri Amira with Zeiss Standard Speeds

Rachel was remote DP'ed by Adam Schwartz on the Sony FX9 with Zeiss Voxia lenses

Liz was Remote DP'ed by Andrew Bydlon on the Red Komodo with Leica R lenes

Ken was remote DP'ed by Albert Oh on the Blackmagic Pocket 6k Pro camera with Zeiss glass.

Angie was remote DP'ed by Matt Taylor on the Red Komodo with Canon FD glass.

At end of the day, the imagery came out great and is pleasently consistent!!!!! Still an ongoing project that has been extremely enjoyable and unique in how we are doing them!

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