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Is Filmmaking egalitarian? The working class and filmmaking, in my view.

I feel like, the obvious is here. Filmmaking is still the domain of the upper middle class and college-educated.

The access to professional equipment still mostly sits outside of working class people.

Sure, it is cheaper than ever to have access to a camera, with DSLRs able to shoot 24FPS and even phones now able to shoot 24 FPS.

But everything else - good sound equipment. Lighting. A tripod.

Still it's not quite there.

But more importantly, getting work to a gate keeper.

Getting a film viewed, or accepted to a film festival, is usually the work of knowing the right people. Going to the right parties.

But I have some hope. A lot of people watch TikTok now. Sure, Lawerence of Arabia won't be created here. But there are the basics of short films and comedy shorts that rival (in my opinion) anything that a comedy TV show can do.

So there is some access point here, which is better than what it was.

And then there is having the time and ability to make a film. You can't make a film without a lot of free time. And you can't have free time if you are working two or more jobs.

But those who are college-educated and have free time, should not feel guilt at this fact. They, I feel, should use this and create as anyone who doesn't have free time would want to do.

And with this, unfortunately I find a lot of creation, especially from younger filmmakers, focus on their friends and situations. Cause of course that's the easiest to do. Ask a friend to act. Film what you know. So this leaves a gap.

Art about working class issues and struggles, such as the opioid and heroin crisis. The clean water crisis. The financial crisis. Living outside of cities or college towns. People with different political and religious beliefs. The quiet hopelessness that exists in America. Also of course the resolve and strength of ordinary, working class people.

These are issues I wish more films and filmmakers could explore. To give a voice to these issues that, well at least in my college-educated Brooklyn NY NYTimes-reading bubble that I am a part of, I don't always see.

Maybe I should start working on these issues as well. Or financially supporting films like these. I'll go on gofundme and kickstarter later today and post some links.

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