Disk Drill Saved My Mother-in-Law's Hard Drive

Short story shorter: my mother-in-law gave me her hard drive to load a project file on.  I did it.  Gave it back to her.  She asked for one more thing.  She gave me back the hard drive.  I loaded it.  Gave it back to her.  She went to load it up - "unmountable."

6 hours later, I can move again.  I went through everything - every program, every help group.  Diskwarrior, Drive Genius, Disk Utility - all said the drive was a goner.  I even redownloaded Toast.  Remember that app from the early 2000's?  When we were making DVDs of our reels?

"This drive is dead - destroy it" - literally all three of these programs.

Then a message board saved my life - "hey guys, try Disk Drill."


I tried it - and boom, there are all the files.  I loaded it up as a virtual DMG file and now I am copying it over.

So as a solution for if you get a card back from the field and it says "drive not readable, initialize?"  Hit ignore and use this program.

Now writing this blog post to repay the karma.

Disk Drill001.jpg