Shooting at 200 ASA Again

  Now we all shoot at 800 asa. actually, I have heard some younger people get upset if they can't shoot at 1600 asa.  Pretty amazing to me.

Since most modern cameras can do this easily, and that gives you enough natural light in most locations, you just come in and shoot.  The style these days is use what already exists, and augment the lighting, and use grip to subtract light.

Subtracting light.  Before ASA 800, when many of us were shooting at around 200 ASA, you would add light.

Now we show up, use a window light - maybe put one light outside of it, and then 4-7 pieces of gripwear to cut it. 

Toppers, cutters, siders, eggcrates.   

But a recent job I did for a liquor commercial, we were shooting with the digital bolex as a b camera.  The bolex is a beautiful organic image, with a ccd sensor for beautiful motion and the ability to use 16mm glass, which is beautiful and lightweight.  We lit for this camera's low native iso, and the A camera, the alexa, we set at 200 ASA as well. 

At 200 ASA, I was back to where I started 10 years ago, and it was thrilling again.  

Light didn't spill all over the place - it faded into the darkness, had lots of falloff - and everything was deliberate. We Could liGHT up spaces deep in the bar with red color, and push light into areas we wanted, and hide the rest.  It was easier to do, since there were less stands to place on the ground and less rigging to do.

Grip takes up a lot of space and stands.   Lights -  not as much.

And we ended up making the bar more interesting than what it was - we transformed it. 

(I'll post videos and stills once the spots are released.

It was putting on a different brain from an earlier era - cause we had to move a different way. 

And we painted with 1k tungsten lights in a jem ball again and got that tungsten warmth again.  That color of a tungsten fresnel - it has a golden warmth to it.  Coming back to it, it reminded me of how unmatched by LEDs which have more green and yellow in them than that pure lovely orange glow are these chinese balls.

To rediscover those old tungsten fresnel units, that was also important to me.  These old lights you can now get as every grip house throws them out, as the world has moved onto led lighting like skypanels, these old lights are a thing of beauty.