Prevent Cfast Card Errors with Alexa Mini

I did a shoot where we lost a roll of shooting on the alexa mini.  And I have heard a lot of people with similar tales.

Well no more.  (Kind of) Just by using a program for mac os x - drivedx - - let's you quickly see the reliability of a cfast cards.

You just boot up the card, and then it shows you how many times the card has been used and its history of failures.

Most solid state media either fails at the beginning of it's life or at the end - there is a significant white paper on this.  So if you do a checkout from a gear rental house and you see some history of failure or that the card has been reformatted and seen a lot of use - maybe send that card back.  What's it worth, right, to take a risk?

On our shoot, luckily we caught it right after we shot it.

Because we were in a sand dune in Oregon doing a product shot for Dorittos.  Would probably have been hard to recreate that with greenscreen, or to go back there.