Sony A7S Settings I like

I spent some time working on the Sony A7S to make the most natural skintones I can. For me, I'm realizing I really enjoy natural feeling blue skies as well as healthy skintones with a good amount of red in the face. I use it combined with Filmconvert Kodak profile for the A7S cine4 profile.  I'll mess with it and double check soon.

Black level 0

Gamma CINE4

Black gamma - range wide level +1

knee - auto - max point 100%.  sensitivity mid

color mode - s-gamut3.cine

saturation +7

color phase minus 2

color depth - all zeroed out

detail level -5  adjust - type3

That's about it.  

I think it's nice.


nice blue skies

nice blue skies

nice horses

nice horses